Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Being 100% free, our website puts no restrictions on the number of file conversions. You can convert an unlimited number of files for free.

Absolutely. Our services are free and 100% accessible to everyone.

When you upload a file to our servers, it is saved to our servers, which are completely secure. So you don’t have to worry about the security of files while they’re uploaded.

As you proceed with file conversion, the file is deleted from the former server and moved to the next storage server after the conversion process is complete.

The storage server has a 24-hour auto-delete cycle. As soon as your file completes its 24 hours in the storage server, it is automatically deleted from there, and the former data is nowhere to be found on our servers.

We take the security of our users’ content very seriously. Hence, we feel comfortable and secure using our services.

Once you reach our site and upload your file, you must wait until the file is completely uploaded. Once that’s done, you can move forward with file conversion.

If the problem is not with the upload and the file is still failing to convert, please contact us directly at our customer support: Contact us

Our servers completely delete files after 24 hours because we do not wish to gain any legal rights to your files or data.

Thus, no, we do not obtain the legal rights to your files when you use our services.

Although the actual conversion time depends on your video's length and size, we still offer the best and fastest online conversion rates compared to anyone else on the internet.

But, don’t forget, the speed and stability of your internet connections play a major role in how much time it takes to convert a video file.

Yes. You can use your tablet, laptop, or smartphone to use our conversion services. You can convert ebooks, audio, video, documents, archives, software, and additional files through our site.