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1. Click "Choose Files" button and select your files you would like converted.

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3. When the status change to “Done” click the “Download XA” button


An XA file is an audio file used in The Sims computer game published by Electronic Arts (Maxis). It utilizes 16-bit Adaptive Delta Pulse Code Modulation lossy compression scheme to compress each audio sample down into 4 bits while maintaining as much quality as possible. XA format software exists for Linux, Mac OS and Windows operating systems to support its usage. If you are having difficulty opening an XA file, there could be various factors at work here. First and foremost, be sure that it hasn't been infected by viruses or malware; a good antivirus program should be able to scan it and identify and eliminate any threats that prevent you from opening it. Another possibility is that the file was incorrectly downloaded or corrupted during downloading, preventing access to it. In such a situation, try downloading it again from a different source or contact whomever sent you it in order for them to resend it to you. When having difficulty playing XA files, converting them to more widely compatible audio formats may help. Free HD Video Converter Factory makes this task simple by quickly and effortlessly converting XAs to popular formats such as MP3, WAV and FLAC with just one click - as well as providing powerful editing tools that let you trim, cut, crop or adjust bitrate as necessary.


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