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    TTF to OTF converter

    OTF stands for OpenType Format and was developed by Adobe and Microsoft as an advancement of TTF fonts. OTF fonts are scalable and include all of the features found in both TTF and PostScript (Type 1 Font) fonts, making them compatible across platforms and writing systems/languages. Furthermore, their font file format supports Unicode character encoding making OTF fonts ideal for ...

    TTF stands for TrueType font and was first created in the 1980s by Apple for use in their operating systems, though Microsoft later licensed the technology for use as well. TTF files contain both display and printer font data in one convenient file - ideal for digital and print projects alike - although unfortunately they do not support more advanced ...


    Converting OTF to TTF

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    Upload a OTF file, click "Convert", and use additional options to quickly modify its contents before downloading the final TTF file after processing has completed.

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