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OTF is a type of font setting that is used in typography. It is a favorite of Apple, Adobe, and Microsoft. The program recognizes such program features found in TrueType and PostScript formatted fonts. It accommodates a huge selection of writing management systems. However, it is mostly used on the OpenType format which is commonly supported by the most popular and oldest operating platform; Mac operating system X and the 2000 Windows operating system and later. In the 1990s, Microsoft showed interest in acquiring an Apple license to farther their involvement in the Advanced GX Typography. As plans did not work out for Microsoft, the company decides to develop its own font technology in the early-mid 1990s. The development led to the modification and introduction to the font formats known as the PostScript, which is another name for features found in Adobe Type 1. In 1996, a joint venture resulted in both Microsoft and Apple developing a new technology with no limitations and additional extensions.