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A TTF file was initially developed by Apple as an extension of the products that it had already created.. Primarily used to create fonts that everyone can rely on universally. The purpose of this was to create a font that would be used in any kind of presentation or development of any product. Standardizing fonts across many different types of products and services is something that a TTF file can do very effectively. The fact remains that we were all better served by having fonts that are standardized so that people are not constantly moving back and forth between the various options that are open to them. This also helps with those who suffer from visual impairments or have other issues that may make it difficult for them to see certain fonts that are not standardized. A TTF file helps to simplify the process of creating various types of information and presenting it in a way that people can easily understand. We are fortunate to have TTF files in order to help standardize the entire process across any type of work that we do today.