Convert for WhatsApp


If you use WhatsApp to talk with friends and loved ones, plus transfer files from your phone or computer. You can use our WhatsApp converter to convert a file to Whatsapp that you'd like to share. You can alter the video's quality and size using the presets provided below, and you can also crop the movie or turn off the audio altogether. An acceptable format for your file is instantly created. Once you've used our tool to convert a file to Whatsapp and preprocess the file, follow the directions below to post it. To transmit images, videos, documents, or phone info, open a chat window for one or more people. Upload images or movies from your computer by using the attached photos & video buttons. Every video you submit has a 16 MB file size restriction. Using your computer's built-in camera, you can capture a picture. Select the file from the Document tool or drag and drop it into the text area. Tap Contacts to transmit the contact details to others using WhatsApp. Or, you can click on the arrow. Now you know how to convert a file for Whatsapp and share it too.