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    PAM stands for Portable Arbitrary Map and is a two-dimensional bitmap image file format which stores uncompressed pixel map data for black-and-white, grayscale, or RGB images. Each PAM file consists of both a header section and data section which contain individual pixel values.

    PAM supports multiple data storage formats for its data section, such as binary, ASCII or compressed formats (gzip or bzip2). PAM also supports various pixel formats as well as alpha channels to allow for transparency.

    PAM image format was invented by Jef Poskanzer during the mid-1980s as an intermediary file to rapidly transfer image information before being converted into another useful format. Part of his Netpbm toolkit, this format facilitates fast data transfers for quick conversion into more useful files.

    PAM files can be read by any program that can read PBM, PGM, and PPM images; their format is so flexible that any image that can be represented using one of those three formats could also be represented using PAM without ever giving an indication as to their difference.

    PAM is the default image format used by the libnetpbm library, which offers functions for reading, writing and processing images. These PAM functions allow you to work with any of Netpbm formats; however they differ significantly from their counterparts in other libraries; each PAM pixel occupies three bytes while PGM/PPM images require 16 bytes per pixel.

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