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    How to convert PWP to AVIF file?

    1. Click "Choose Files," button and select your PWP files you would like converted.

    2. Click on the “Convert to AVIF” button to start the conversion.

    3. When the status change to “Done” click the “Download AVIF” button

    PhotoWorks software generates this color bitmap image format specifically designed to distribute graphic information over the Internet, similar to JPEG files but without loss of quality when converted. Furthermore, SFW images may also be stored within its files. ...

    The AVIF Image Format is a new image codec that offers superior compression and visual image quality compared to conventional formats like JPEG or WebP. As Netflix announced its adoption of it, website owners quickly gained interest. Unfortunately, though it's gaining momentum it still isn't widely supported across devices and browsers; making compatibility issues a real challenge for web developers ...


    Converting PWP to AVIF

    Convert PWP to AVIF Quickly and Easily

    Upload a PWP file, click "Convert", and use additional options to quickly modify its contents before downloading the final AVIF file after processing has completed.

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