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If you are experiencing a PWP file for the first time, you should know that this file format is more common than you realize. PWP file is a somewhat older color image file format akin to a .SFW file and is typically used for internet image downloads. This file format was developed by PhotoWorks, previously popular image and photo sharing software. Not so long ago, PhotoWorks software was terminated and incorporated into Shutterfly, a fast-rising online photo album and photo sharing service. The popularity of the PWP file can be attributed to the fact that it can be converted into a standard .JPG file with zero quality loss. It can also be converted into many other file formats such as .PNG, .JPEG, .PDF, .PSD, and .BMP. Some of the most popular software for converting PWP files to .JPG files or other file formats are pwpjpg and American Greetings SFW & PWP File Converter.