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Simply think of an MKV file as a free way to store your video data. There is literally no limit to the number of audio, video and other types of files that you may compress into an MKV file. As such, many people use them to send across things such as an entire television series or several movies at a time. Many have found it much easier to use an MKV file than to send each individual file to the person that they need to see it. As such, an MKV file is a great way to save time and money when sending large files such as those that are required for videos and photos. Many of the types of resources that one may use for an in KV file would include the VLC media player. This is, quite frankly, the easiest way for you to store the files that you need to store and to receive what you need to receive if it is coming in an MKV format. Use these files today to make life easier on yourself.