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    SK1 files are associated with sk1, a vector graphics editor for Linux that can open and save files in multiple formats such as SVG, PDF and EPS. A similar program called Inkscape can also open and save these SK1 files successfully. If you're having difficulty opening one with an SK1 extension, be sure that your version of software is up-to-date as updated versions often support older file formats better. The program is built upon the wxWidgets toolkit, allowing it to run across various operating systems without needing to rewrite tons of GUI code. Designed specifically to support professional printing features like CMYK colorspaces, separations and ICC color management systems; thus making it capable of replacing proprietary software programs like CorelDraw and Adobe Illustrator. Its user interface resembles other vector graphics editors with its Ttk-based layout that does not feature many bells and whistles that might distract users. sk1 is open source software developed and distributed under the GNU General Public License by its developers, who often issue new revisions of it. It has been utilized by numerous free and open source projects including Mozilla Firefox, LibreOffice and Qt Designer - it even uses Ihor's UniConvertor program which enabled other programs to support formats typically held proprietary - long after his death will always be remembered in this field. He was a regular participant at Libre Graphics Meeting conferences.

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