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    PLT files provide the perfect vector image file format, ideal for graphics that require scaling without losing quality, such as company logos and digital illustrations. They use mathematical formulas to generate lines and curves rather than pixels that distort when magnified, giving greater freedom when it comes to color options, printing flexibility, and can even be printed onto multiple media types ranging from business cards, T-shirts and posters. Vector files have long been around. Indeed, the first home video game console ever created, the Vectrex, used vector graphics. The Vectrex's monochrome CRT monitor displayed an uninterrupted stream of vector images across its X and Y axes in response to player input. Adobe Illustrator is unquestionably the go-to program when it comes to vector image creation and editing, but not everyone has access to such expensive software. For those without this luxury option available to them there are also plenty of free and paid vector editors that you could try instead. When saving figures in MATLAB, you have control over whether the file contains images or vector graphics by specifying its content type. You can do this using either the Export button on the Axis Toolbar or calling exportgraphics directly.

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