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CGM's full form is Computer Graphics Metafile. It is a free file format for text, raster and vector graphics. An image stored in a vector type of graphical format is known as CGM. It can be used in a variety of graphical applications. Earlier versions (based on the ISO/IEC 8632 standard) were first used for clip art collections, but they are now frequently used for CAD (computer-aided design) illustrations. The CGM format features a number of elements that serve as functions and assist in describing entities. One of three techniques is used to encrypt CGM files. Binary encoding is a common file format that makes it possible for the software to read files fast and effectively. Character-based encoding creates the tiniest size of the file achievable, saving storage capacity and enabling the quick transfer of data. Clear-text encoding enables users to comprehend and read the data file and edit it with a simple text editing tool.