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    Computer Graphics Metafile (CGM) is a file format used for the storage and exchange of graphical information, most frequently vector graphics. Although capable of holding both vector and raster data, its primary application lies with vector graphics. CGM has been standardized as ISO/IEC 8632 for use across industries like engineering and aviation; additionally it's part of the SGML standard and stored as such files. CGM first addressed a need for a graphical exchange and print/plot format that could be utilized by CAD systems, while later revisions such as CGM Version 1 and ANSI/ISO CGM:1992 extended its capabilities for use across applications including print publishing and online publication. Today it's used widely by CAD and technical illustration systems for product operation manuals, maintenance guides and repair manuals, illustrated electronic technical manual (IETM) systems as well as geological plotting programs. This article will cover the fundamentals of CGM files and how to open one on any Windows, Mac or Linux computer. In addition, we will examine various forms of compression available with CGM profiles available with these files. CGM files contain unintelligible binary data that is only interpretable by software programs, similar to what JPEG and PNG files contain; however, character-based encoding allows for smaller file sizes and faster data transfers. Beyond its standard format there have been other variations created specifically for certain industries or archives like Petroleum Industry Profile (PIP) or WebCGM which addresses how to store both vector and raster CGM files online.

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