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    Files with an XWD extension are often associated with the X Window Dump Image files created using the X Windows System software application for networking between client and server computers. An uncompressed bitmap format called XWD stores screenshots or screen dumps from windows managed by this manager; due to being uncompressed they can become very large in size; additionally they may use different color schemes (monochrome, fixed colors or TrueColor) that may not be supported by all software applications capable of viewing them.

    The XWD file format features both a header that defines the size of an image, and a body which stores actual pixels within it. Pixel data is organized in rows that contain either zeroes or ones to represent grayscale (0) or pseudoColor (1-bit) pixels respectively. A palette is specified within its header while data encoded using either XYBitmap (1-bit), XYPixmap (3-bit), ZPixmap (2 or 3-plane) or PseudoColor formats or PseudoColor formats.

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