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An XBM file is a graphics file format used by the X Window System. It stands for X Bitmap. XBM files are monochrome bitmaps that contain 1 bit per pixel. This means that each pixel can either be on or off, black or white. Because of this, they are sometimes also called black and white or monochrome images. XBM files are image files that contain bitmap data. The data is typically stored in a compressed format, which makes the file size smaller than other image file types. XBM files can be opened and edited with a variety of graphics editing programs. As such, XMB files are used for simple graphics such as icons or logos. They can be created and edited with a text editor and do not require any special graphics software. However, they can also be opened and viewed in most image viewer programs. Learn all about the XBM file format and its uses in the X Window System. Find out how to recognize an XBM file, what the XBM file format actually is, and how to open one in the X window.

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