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Microsoft Paint often displays the message: Paint cannot read this file. This is not a valid bitmap file. It could be due to corrupt files or for other reasons; one solution could be using photo repair tools which can restore data that may have become corrupt.

What Are MacPaint Files Image Format? MAC files are created by the MacPaint program, first published in 1984 but still used today despite only supporting black-and-white graphics. They're stored in the data fork of each file with a 512 byte header followed by 576 pixels wide by 720 scan lines high images compressed using an easy run length encoding scheme - creating files of this nature can take hours!

The MAC header contains up to four ASCII characters that identify both file type and creator application, window size (if any), protection flags, data fork size, padding bytes 204 bytes of zero padding before MacPaint pattern data begins at offset 640 of the file. If there is a MacBinary header present then this indicates big-endian MacPaint files stored on Macintosh hardware; otherwise the MAC header could contain little-endian information and must be converted using the ENDIANIO library on non Macintosh platforms.


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