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    Many image-editing programs can produce digital files with various sizes, colors and file formats. Of these formats, the ICO image format is usually chosen when creating icons due to its ability to retain its visual quality at scaled-up sizes.

    ICO (Windows Icon) files are used by Microsoft Windows as icon files that store multiple small images with various sizes and color depths, enabling programs to select their ideal icon based on size or other requirements. They also support transparent images.

    Each ICO/CUR file consists of a 6-byte header and multiple 16-byte directory entries containing bitmap images in ICONDIRENTRY structures with sizes typically falling between 256 and 512 pixels, though often smaller. The header specifies image type (1 for icons or 2 for cursors) as well as how many images exist within this particular file.

    Images in an ICO/CUR file typically use a variant of BMP for storage; the ICONDIRENTRY structure specifies that one byte be used as transparency (with an associated flag indicating whether or not transparent pixels are 1 or 0). They may also use PNG or SVG images instead; additionally, there's an entry in this structure to mark where to position the mouse to click.

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