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WOFF stands for Web Open Font Format. A WOFF file is designed to allow web developers to use customized fonts rather than standardized ones contained in web development programs. Thus, a WOFF file can allow a developer to use either TrueType fonts (.ttf) or OpenType fonts (.otf). Each file is set up to contain one or the other of the fonts. A WOFF file consists of several elements. It usually includes: A WOFF header, which has the font type and version, together with some offsets for metadata. A tabledirectory, containing information about the font tables, their original and compressed sizes, and the location of the tables within the file. The compressed font tables. Optional metadata information. Optional private data for the use of the font designer, or vendor. WOFF files have been superseded to some extent by WOFF 2.0 files, (.WOFF2), which has improved compression.