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A native ASCII (American Standard Code for Information Interchange) font format, SFD is an extension used by the font editing software FontForge to create font files. This Spline Font Database format is used for editing and documenting fonts. These files have the capacity to save descriptive information such as font encoding, name, family, weight, and version. Using Cygwin, which is a compatible runtime and programming environment that runs on Microsoft, FontForge can run on Windows. The SFD software is free and has the capacity to support multiple font formats. The SFD software is used on all operating systems; Linux, Windows, macOS, etc. These ASCII files are human-readable. SFDs can be transferred across the internet very easily. This format evolves over time. There’s also a registered MIME type for the SFD files. Some SFDs also hold music notation data of songs. The videogame Crysis saves game data in the SFD file.