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    Word is an extremely popular word processing software program, providing users with an intuitive way to easily create documents with text, tables, graphics and other forms of media content. Word provides an efficient and effortless means of producing professional-looking documents for any purpose imaginable - be it business or personal use. Word first debuted as an exclusive Microsoft format back in 1983, yet over time became a de facto standard among office productivity suites and word processors, with other competing products also supporting it and opening its files. But it wasn't until 2008 that Microsoft opened up their DOC specification so other programs could support some of its advanced features. Today most Word documents are created using DOCX files rather than their original DOC format, as they tend to be smaller, lighter and easier to open and read than their DOC counterparts. They're also more likely to work with programs capable of opening XML-based formats. Word files can also be password protected and encrypted to prevent unauthorised access or modifications of their contents. Typically, text content in WordDocuments are stored within their main stream while additional streams can be used for embedding objects, encrypted content, digital signatures and macros. Word files can quickly grow quite large as their ability to add and manipulate large amounts of content - including images, tables and multimedia - quickly grows their overall size. Formatting such as heading styles may also quickly inflate their size further. Unfortunately, it can often be hard to identify what factors contribute to an increase in size since this varies greatly from file to file.

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