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PPT is Microsoft Office PowerPoint's binary file type for 97-2007. Powerpoint Presentations can contain photos, animation, hyperlinks, graphs, charts, video, audio, and text, to give presentations in classrooms and boardrooms. Most individuals are familiar with PPT and how to send, generate, store, send, and unlock these sorts of files. In 1990, Microsoft Office Suite debuted PowerPoint 1990 although the application was initially a Mac program. There are disagreements regarding the usefulness and success of the application. However, most faults with PowerPoint originate from the users who are unaware of how to effectively utilize the application and PPT file to their full potential. Therefore, presentations are generally perceived as dry and dull. PPT files have varying pages and slides holding various kinds of input and data. Across the board, the presentation works much like one generated utilizing foils and a slide projector. You can change every slide's item or move them about freely. You can print out PPT docs using PowerPoint, for display, browsing, or reviews on a computer or a projector linked to the computer, or online. At the creation of Microsoft Office 2007, the PPTX file extension replaced the PPT file and transitioned to Open XML format from the binary base. That gave the open standard the default position. Here's a small, but not exhaustive list of programs that can open PPT documents: OpenOffice, Microsoft PowerPoint, Apple Keynote.