POT Converter

Convert to POT Online Tool.


POT files are PowerPoint template files that allow multiple PowerPoint files to be created with the same formatting. PowerPoint users rely on templates to help them recreate PowerPoint files for multiple uses. POT files thus help to save users time and effort when making presentations. If you are using MS PowerPoint 97 up to 2003, you will likely see these POT files in your file manager. These are the PowerPoint templates that come pre-loaded in your PowerPoint Software. Any additional templates that you create will get the same extension. For those using more recent editions of PowerPoint, the format was changed. Template files here come with a POTX extension. Although these files are primarily meant to be used in MS PowerPoint, there are several compatible software that can open them as well. These alternatives include Corel Presentations and Kingsoft Presentations, which work on multiple platforms. OpenOffice Impress or Apple Preview also supports it.