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    WMA stands for Windows Media Audio and is used to store and playback digital audio content on Microsoft Windows systems. Sometimes referred to as Windows Media Audio, WMA can refer both to a file format as well as its codec with different types such as WMA Pro, Lossless and Voice available as options. Although created to compete with MP3, its popularity has not come to be recognized quite so effectively by consumers. WMA files use lossy compression to shrink audio data file sizes. By changing the bitrate (number of bits used per second of audio), users can control how much quality reduction occurs; lower bitrates result in smaller files with reduced sound quality while higher ones result in larger ones with enhanced audio. As opposed to MP3, which is compatible with most digital music players, WMA files cannot be played on Apple devices like iPod and iPhone. WMA can still be converted to iTunes-friendly AAC format using programs like Convert Free. To play WMA files, Windows Media Player comes built-in to Windows operating systems or third-party programs that support them such as WinAmp or VLC are suitable. ITunes is another player capable of opening WMA files; however it will convert them to Apple ACC format first before playing them - though this conversion process often is transparent to users and original file can always be restored at any time.

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