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    CPIO to TAR.LZMA converter

    Files that end in .lzma are compressed archive files using Lempel-Ziv-Markov chain algorithm (LZMA) compression to reduce file sizes, usually on Unix operating systems. LZMA provides efficient and quick compression which offers higher compression ratios than bzip2 while still maintaining decompression speeds comparable to other algorithms. LZMA employs a dictionary compression scheme modeled on LZ77 but with larger dictionary sizes ...

    CPIO files are archived using the cpio archive format, a general purpose binary file system archive format used for collecting files and directories with their symbolic links and extended attributes into one stream of bytes for later access. While it's possible to copy entire file systems using this technique, typically other utilities such as ls or find are used instead ...


    Converting TAR.LZMA to CPIO

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