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    XVID is an increasingly popular video codec that allows users to store or share digital videos at high quality with relatively small file sizes, making them suitable for storage on numerous media players and devices. It is widely compatible with many video-playback applications as well.

    XVID codec is a library of code that implements MPEG-4 Part 2 Advanced Simple Profile (ASP). As free and open source software licensed under GNU General Public License, this library can be compiled and used on any platform where source code can be obtained.

    As a compression standard, XVID has earned itself the reputation for dramatically compressing video files without noticeable loss in quality - up to 200x reduction without losing quality! This is accomplished using various tricks such as only storing differences between two video frames instead of each individual frame itself.

    One of the primary applications for XVID is online video sharing and publishing, due to its smaller file size that makes viewing videos possible even over low bandwidth connections. As its popularity grew, new media players emerged that support this file format.

    Elmedia Player is an excellent program to use when it comes to viewing XVID videos on Macs, supporting a variety of video formats and free to use. In addition, Elmedia offers the capability of converting XVID files to other file formats including AVI, MP4, and MKV for easier playback. Add videos directly via drag-and-drop or use its main menu - either way will help ensure smooth viewing experience!


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