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    WebM is an open and royalty free audiovisual media container created in 2010 by the WebM Project with funding from Google as an alternative to MP4 with H.264 codec that required royalties for its use.

    WEBM video files contain compressed audio and visual data encoded to reduce file size before being decoded to restore original images and sounds. WEBM files can be played using many popular video players like VLC, Xiph and Opus and are supported by all current browsers such as Firefox, Chrome, Opera (plus Internet Explorer with third-party plug-in support), as well as YouTube, which automatically converts all videos uploaded onto its site to WEBM format.

    The WebM Project was co-created by On2, Xiph, Matroska and other partners under an open BSD-style license and designed primarily for use online (but may also be utilized in other contexts). As its name implies, WebM was intended for web use (though other uses can exist), serving as the sister project to WebP image file format.


    Converting to WEBM

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