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WEBM files are compatible with YouTube, Skype, Adobe, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and other systems. The files are used in HTML5 videos through Matroska. While WEBM files open seamlessly on Google Chrome and Mozilla, opening the files on Internet Explorer requires assistance. YouTube, Skype, Wikimedia, and 4chan use the WEBM files for video playback. The ffvp8 decoder helps encode WEBM files. Matroska’s system allows for multiplexing WEBM files. MPC-HC hosts WEBM video playback using an internal VP8 decoder. Android also has video playback capabilities. The origins of WEBM files can be traced back to Rockchip’s full hardware implementation of 1080p encoding. YouTube is expected to continue experimenting with WEBM file capabilities through their HTML5 player. WEBM files have notably become compatible with the Nintendo Wii app. QuickTime is also developing a program that is compatible with WEBM files.