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One of the most used standards for keeping audio and video feeds on DVDs is VOB, which is typically called the DVD video object. DVD menus, subtitles, audio, video, and navigational information can all be included in a VOB file. A MPEG-2 video stream, as well as one of a wide variety of audio streams, can be found in this package. At the base of a DVD, the VIDEO TS folder normally contains VOB files, which are video, audio, and subtitle streams. While the video stream is encoded in MPEG-2, the audio can be saved in a variety of codecs, including AC-3, MPEG-2 multichannel, or PCM. The AC-3 layout has been the most well-known because it provides a decent balance between bitrate and integrity. The following is a short list of applications that may open VOB files, but it is by no means comprehensive: PowerDVD, BlazeDVD, Corel WinDVD, Microsoft Windows Media Player, Video Lan VLC Player.