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    OGG (Open Graphical Game Format) is a free open-source container format for digital audio and video. OGG uses free encodings without copyright restrictions to produce high-quality files that are significantly smaller than competing formats like MP3. Vorbis and Theora codecs are among its most commonly used codecs within OGG.

    OGG file format is a multi-purpose media container which supports audio, video and textual streams for subtitles or captions. Additionally it offers both lossy and lossless compression methods and metadata storage features. In addition to OGG Multimedia Framework there are various free and proprietary media players which support this format, such as VLC Media Player KMPlayer Miro JRiver Media Center Totem as well as HTML using video> tag support for this filetype.

    Ogg is a patent-free container format, making implementation and distribution simpler for developers who use software written using it. This format stands as a direct competitor to proprietary MP3 and MP4 formats based on patent technology.


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