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    MTS, short for MPEG Transport Stream, is the native file format of AVCHD camcorders developed by Sony and Panasonic companies in 2006. Using HD MPEG-4 video compression supporting both 720p and 1080i resolutions, this format is supported by many devices including Sony PlayStation 3s (PS3), Sony Bravia TVs and Western Digital WDTVs.

    If you want to watch multiple MTS videos on either a PC or mobile phone, the first step should be downloading and installing a program which supports this file format. Once installed, add all your MTS files before converting them to an acceptable format that's supported by both devices - doing this will reduce file sizes while making transfers simpler and quicker.

    Search online to locate a program which will assist in the conversion of MTS videos to MP3 or other formats in just a few steps, with settings for sample rate, audio codec and more that you can tailor specifically to achieve optimal results. Once complete click on the blue Run button and your file will be processed within seconds or minutes depending on its length; optionally you may save its output file into specific folders as soon as the process has concluded and begin watching MTS videos! Or just use our online tool.


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