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    The Moving Picture Experts Group (MPEG) is an association of experts that sets standards for audio and video compression. Through various file formats produced by this organization, they produce common usage files using sophisticated compression techniques to reduce size while maintaining quality outputs.

    Computers reading an MPEG data stream decompress it before sending it onward to their display and audio systems for playback, with memory availability and CPU speed ultimately dictating how quickly an MPEG stream can be read, decompressed and played back.

    MPEG-1 was initially developed in 1992 to compress VHS-quality raw video and CD-quality music down to 1.5 megabits per second without much degradation to image quality. To accomplish this task, spatial and temporal subsampling as well as entropy coding techniques were utilized.

    MPEG-2 was developed in 1994 as an enhanced version of MPEG-1 to encode high-quality interlaced videos at transmission rates up to 4 million bits per second. Today it serves as the standard codec for DVD video discs as well as being widely applied over-the-air digital television, satellite TV services, and cable television systems.

    MPEG-4 was finalized as an MPEG standard in 1998 and provides DVD-quality audio/video encoding at reduced bandwidth requirements, making it the go-to choice when high quality video storage is a top priority yet bandwidth resources are limited.


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