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To use no-tape camcorders for recording digital video, JVC and Panasonic made MOD files, which are now utilized by other manufacturers. Both Panasonic and Canon use MOD, but Panasonic has the option of using it in addition to TOD. Although both files are widely used, no long-form designations exist; the file names have no meaning. An SD card or hard drive is used to store MOD data. MOD is still employed in some digital video recording devices compared to other similar files. This format supports both standard-definition and high-definition video, while TOD (MOD's sister file) is more commonly used for HD because of the 1080i quality of TOD files.You can view your MOD files on all devices able to play MPEG-2 video, and DVD players can also play them as well once they conform with DVD measures. Because they're similar, you can rename TOD and MOD files to MPG files and so have the file type changed. For recording metadata, you can use the file extension for MOI in MOD files. The following applications can open MOD files. However, the list is not exhaustive: Quicktime Player, VLC Media Player, Windows Media Player.