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    (MJPEG) is a lossy video compression codec designed for PC multimedia applications; each frame or interlaced field of a digital video sequence is compressed separately as a single-bit JPEG image. Although initially developed for multimedia PC use, MJPEG video format is also commonly employed by digital still cameras and camcorders to capture footage.

    MJPEG stands out from other lossy video coding schemes by employing intraframe rather than interframe compression, meaning each frame in a video is encoded independently of any preceding frames, and quality depends on each frame's static complexity; consequently, frames with large smooth transitions or monotone surfaces typically compress well and present few noticeable compression artifacts; by contrast, those featuring fine curves or lines such as newspaper writing often display noticeable compression artifacts such as ringing, smudging and macroblocking artifacts when compressed using M-JPEG videos.

    As MJPEG utilizes an intraframe coding scheme, its file size is much lower than MPEG files of comparable size. However, due to other modern formats like H.263v2 Annex I and MPEG-4 Part 2, which utilize frequency domain prediction of transform coefficient values as well as more sophisticated entropy coding than was practical when JPEG first developed, such benefits don't accrue to them as easily.

    Like any file format, MJPEGs are susceptible to corruption when downloaded, stored on external storage media or accessed by unintended individuals. When this occurs, the file becomes inaccessible and unusable - to solve this problem use Video Repair, an effective program which works to repair corrupted MJPEG files and restore them back into their proper states.

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