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Apple developed the MV4 file format to play videos. The company uses the MV4 file to encode video files in the iTunes store. Unlike the MP4 format, files with M4V extensions typically contain Apple's DRM protection - FairPlay. An MV4 file that is protected by FairPlay can only be played on a computer authorized with the iTunes account that purchased the video. If, for some reason, the MV4 video file doesn't have DRM enabled, the iTunes account the purchase was made through will require authentication to play the file. However, it is rare that Apple's DRM wouldn't have been applied to an M4V file. Files containing M4V extension can play both video and audio. These file extensions can also be converted to MP4 in order to access the data from an unauthenticated PC. However, MP4 files do not have the ability to create chapter information like M4V files can.