M2TS Converter

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M2TS Files help save and store data on DVDs, hard drives and other file storing methods. These files are compatible with Windows Media Player, Adobe Flash Professional, VideoLAN VLC media players, and other similar devices. M2TS files appeal to users because the data is saved in high definition. The files are saved using the Blu-ray format and MPGEG-2 Transport Stream. M2TS files are also compatible with AVCHD, which is an alternative form of the Blu-ray format. M2TS files are freer flowing on Blu-ray discs compared to the more restrictive AVCHD system. M2TS files on Blu-ray contain multiple audio formats. AVCHD systems have a smaller number of formats that are compatible with M2TS files. M2TS files support 720p and 1080i formats. M2TS files are composed using a set of numbers that adapt to the audiovisual clips being converted. Similar files are compatible if they have the same number regardless of the file extension.