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    High Efficiency Video Coding, or HEVC for short, is the newest video codec available today and provides higher compression compared to other formats while maintaining quality video playback. In fact, HEVC can reduce file sizes by half without losing original quality compared with its competition. HEVC works by breaking up images into smaller blocks known as macroblocks for processing and encoding, using a new compression algorithm which reduces the information required to represent frames of video resulting in lower file sizes, data rates and bandwidth requirements when streaming videos. Thus, the HEVC codec allows more video content to be stored and streamed with lower storage requirements compared to previous generations of video codecs. Furthermore, its higher picture resolutions and frame rates produce sharper video that looks better than before, as well as reduced latency during videoconferencing meetings. Most modern video cameras and media platforms support HEVC playback. Furthermore, most recent TVs and Blu-ray players feature hardware decoders for decoding HEVC streams; furthermore some mobile devices also include support for playing back the format.


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