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Video streaming sites, Hulu, Youtube, and more are using Adobe Systems' Flash Video Format for their content. Third party programs and Adobe Flash Player can open and playback FLV files on almost any operating system (excluding iOS). Open-source software plus specialized browsers allow smart devices running iOS or Android to play FLV files. Flash is still causing issues on iOS. The Android version Jelly Bean permits FLV files for use by consumers. FLV files can only be viewed using FLV player software. Screen capture & recorder tools can capture FLV videos from the screen. As the initial codec files recognized by the Flash Player and due to their widespread use, FLV files utilizing the H.263 specification under its Sorenson Spark codec are regarded as being compliant. You can use the Nellymoser Asao Codec for recording audio over a video utilizing a microphone and converting the audio to an MP3 file category. You can share a screen in two ways, with the use of a bitmap tile as well as lowering the color depth of the image. You only require Flash Player 8 to use the second method of screensharing, which differs from the first. Some of the programs that can open FLV files are: Windows Media Player, Microsoft Windows Photo Gallery Viewer, FFDShow.