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    Microsoft introduced the Audio Video Interleave video Format in 1992 as a multimedia container video format that holds both video and audio streams within a single file, providing for synchronized playback. Today it remains popular due to its superior audio fidelity retention while supporting compression allowing for ease of use across promotional videos, short films and advertising applications.

    An AVI file comprises three sub-chunks. The first sub-chunk contains its file header and details about video's width, height, frame rate and frame size; there's also a second sub-chunk that contains audio/visual data from an AVI movie; finally there is an optional third sub-chunk called FOURCCs which contains index entries of every data chunk using four ASCII characters (FOURCC).

    There are a variety of free programs that support playing AVI files. The easiest way is to right-click them and choose Open with. However, Mac or Linux users will require downloading an additional third-party program supporting this format.

    As Apple devices don't support AVI files, converting it to another file format like MP4 may be the solution for watching an AVI on Mac or iOS device. An online converter such as ConvertFree makes this task straightforward by offering various output file options to select from; these include common video formats compatible with most platforms and devices.


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