AV1 Converter

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AV1 is a video compression format developed by the Alliance for Open Media. It is open source and most commonly paired with MP4, MKV, and WEBM extensions. The Alliance for Open Media, which included Google, Cisco, Amazon, Intel, Microsft, Mozilla, and Netflix as members, looked to expand open source media codes. The AV1 video was one of the results. It helped expand video sharing by providing an easily-used compression format accessible to video producers and nonprofit organizations. AV1 allowed sharing of high-quality videos without users paying licensing fees to MPEG. Netflix streamed AV1 to Android users, and Google uses the file format with its Google Duo app. The video type can’t play on most media players. Its use is limited to the VLC media player. You also have the option to convert AV1 to FFmpeg to expand its applications.