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Move over HEVC; there's a new codec called AV1. AV1 is open, royalty-free, offers improved compression efficiency and supports higher frame rates, 8K resolutions, HDR standards and audio demands - making it a major contender in an age with ever increasing bandwidth needs. AV1 builds upon the technology of VP9 but adds innovative ways of partitioning pixels into smaller blocks for encoding, thus eliminating the need for extensive Fourier transform math when describing each pixel and potentially providing more attractive images at lower bitrates. AV1 provides immense advantages, not just to streaming services but also content creators shooting high-quality footage. It allows them to reduce uploading times and save bandwidth costs; its increased coding efficiency guarantees smooth playback even on older devices with limited internet connections. Reduced hardware costs for video encoding and decoding will allow platforms to use more AV1 content at lower prices, helping gamers show off their game play while livestreamers record and process content real time. This benefit extends from gamers looking to show off their gaming prowess to livestreamers needing real time processing capabilities of content they stream live.


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