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As a container for multimedia file containers, the Third Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) designed 3GP for the usage of audio and video to be functional with 3G competent mobile gadgets like an iPhone. These files can be viewed on phones, even with no 3G but with limitations. Using a mobile device with video-capture capabilities, you can view, transfer and edit 3GP files. These files can be viewed and transferred to and from USB devices on both Nintendo DSi and Playstation 3. The 3G2 file format is similar to the 3GP format. However, it has distinct restrictions and extensions. MPEG-14 structures are used in the 3GP file format. 3GP has lowered the bandwidth and storage needs, allowing mobile phone users to move, edit, and store their files electronically. Several formats such as AMR, AAC, or Enhanced aacPlus are those that you can use for storing video. Audio files in the 3GP format can be transferred to a USB drive using the codec from MPEG-4 AAC, which can be encoded on a Playstation 3. Functionalities of the SD card on the Nintendo DSi also allow 3GP file usage. The following applications can open 3GP files. However, the list is by no means complete: Nokia Suite, VLC Media Player, QuickTime Player, Windows Media Player and Adobe Flash Professional.