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    SK is a vector graphics file type associated with Skencil (sometimes referred to as Sketch), used for editing interface designs, applications and software shells. As opposed to bitmap images, which cannot scale, these SK files provide higher image quality by scaling. The sK1 project began in 2007 as an open source illustration program to replace professional proprietary programs such as Adobe Illustrator and Corel Draw. Its unique features include tabbed multiple document interface, CorelDRAW format importers and Cairo-based engine. Based on Python programming language it is free for use under GNU Lesser General Public License. Sk files are scripts written using the Skript programming language, used to modify gameplay in Minecraft video game. They're typically stored as plain text and edited using your operating system's text editor; for instance Microsoft Visual Studio Code or Apple TextEdit are two popular choices. Players often share these sk files via Skript plug-in or via email or cloud storage services. With our online-based service, converting SK vector files to SVG format is now easier than ever before. Simply select an SK file and click Convert; after a moment your file will be available to be downloaded in SVG format. For multiple SK files that need conversion simply add them one-by-one and press Convert again each time.

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