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A vector drawing program called Skencil, available for Linux, is what creates an SK file. The Skencil-created drawing contains a vector graphic, among other elements. However, SK files were replaced by .SK1 files once Sk1 replaced Skencil. You do not have to pay to download and install Skencil on your Linux PC, allowing users to create vector drawings faster and with minimal effort. The vector drawings are text-based paths defined by a start and end point. The figures include other points, angles, and curves. Since they feature paths instead of pixels, you can increase the size of a vector drawing without losing image quality. Creating your vector drawings using Skencil will have them saved as SK files. In 2005, the Linux-based program's development was discontinued and replaced by sK1. Using a fork of Skencil, sK1 was created and allowed users to save their vector drawings as SK1 files. It would also help to note that previously Skencil was called Sketch.