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The .FIG extension is used for figure files in three different programs. One is for MATLAB. These figures are either graphs or plotted coordinates. .FIG files are actually a window on the computer screen, and the data stored within is the result of a mathematical process entered by the user. These files can be converted to the graphics files .JPG or .PNG. These types of files are specific to the MATLAB program. However, they can be opened by MATLAB programs run on Mac, Windows, and Linux computers. The second type of .FIG file is used mainly for vector image files in Xfig, which is a Linux-based drawing program created in the mid-1980s. Users expanded the use of these .FIG files to include other operating systems. However, currently WinFIG and Xfig are the only two programs that will still open .WIG files. The third type of .FIG file is used with Autodesk's 3ds Max, for three-dimensional animation and models.