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    EPS files are vector images created using mathematical equations that store image data. This allows them to be scaled without loss in resolution and without the kind of pixelation associated with bitmap or raster formats, making EPS files ideal for high-quality printing jobs and programs such as Adobe Illustrator. PostScript files are vector graphics documents created in PostScript programming language. They also often include an "encapsulated" bitmap preview image for use by systems that cannot display PostScript directly; common formats for this are PICT (Macintosh) and WMF for this preview format. EPS also boasts the benefit of maintaining individual code for color and size of each pixel, so scaling doesn't compromise quality - making it one of the best solutions for printing large-scale imagery like billboards or building decal wraps. Many popular photo editing programs can open and display EPS files, but will not allow you to make edits to them. Instead, Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw are ideal programs capable of manipulating vectors.

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