CMX Converter

Convert to CMX Online Tool.


CMX is a file type used by older Corel image editing programs but which has largely fallen out of use. It’s a proprietary image storage format, meaning it can only be created and used by Corel programs. Within the Corel universe, this Corel Metafile Exchange format (more commonly referred to as Corel Presentation Exchange images) allowed for high quality storage of complex information within each image file. CMX also facilitated easy transfer from any Corel program to any other for use in various mediums without having to convert the file or risk losing metadata embedded within the file. CMX files can be converted to more common file formats (JPG, PDF, PNG, BMP, etc.) or updated into current Corel formats (CDR, CPT) using CorelDRAW (on Windows or Mac), CDRViewer 4 (Mac), or Inkscape.