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    YUV (YCbCr) is an uncompressed, non-proprietary color video and still image format using an easy 3-byte integer encoding for its Y, U and V components per pixel in color pipelines. Used widely today in broadcast television, digital camera surveillance systems and web video codecs, it provides for smooth color image transitions when editing videos and stills with this format.

    YUV models exploit our preference for luminance over color differences to reduce data requirements for video transmission, storage and display; typically less than half the size of RGB files are needed when stored and displayed as YUV images.

    When working with YUV images, it is often wiser to encode their chroma component at a lower resolution than their luma component, as humans perceive more detail from differences of luminance than colors. This practice, known as chroma subsampling, can significantly decrease file sizes.

    Planar mode YUV formats offer advantages over packed formats that must access component arrays via pointers; some capture boards such as Sensoray's 2255 are designed specifically to use this format, making access more efficient than via pointers alone. Yuvio supports planar YUV formats and includes optional reader/writer functions for sequentially reading/writing of data to help iterate over large files without keeping them all in memory.

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