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Windows Media Player is a commonly used software on PCs to play music and videos. WMZ files are designed to customize Windows Media Player for users by changing the visual interface of the player itself through the use of custom files. These changes typically involve different colors, themes, or reimagined looks for the player controls. Commonly called a skin, WMZ files are pre-installed and programmed for simple execution by most levels of computer users. WMZ files consist of a mix of graphics and JScript code that is zipped into a compressed file. These files can be accessed by double clicking and should automatically load to the Windows Media Player. Users can access applied WMZ files in the Windows Media Player program by selecting View>Skin Chooser in the menu bar.

WMZ image Format is an archiving format designed for Windows Media Player skins, used to store both standard and customized graphical themes/skins for use within its user interface. Similar to ZIP compressed archives, its file structure contains both stored graphical data as well as JScript code that defines their behavior.

In contrast to WSF files which define Windows Metafiles (WMF), WMZ files can store an entire set of skin elements including supporting graphics files and associated JScript code. They can be opened using decompression tools supporting ZIP compression as well as JavaScript language support.


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