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    Many color camera models support UYVY image data format. This scheme assigns both brightness and color values - commonly known as Luma and Chroma values - for every pixel in an image compared to RGB which uses separate values for red, green, and blue for each pixel in an image.

    UYVY formats can be divided into two distinct groups; packed formats where Y, U and V samples are interleaved within a macropixel array; and planar formats which utilize separate matrixes for each of the components. Packed formats tend to involve vertical subsampling since they must fit data into scan lines that have specific sizes.

    UYVY and its variants (YUY2, YVYU and YV12) are popular packed YUV formats used to encode MPEG-4 video streams. UYVY has become the default output by various software codecs for MPEG-4 video; YUY2 often ranks second among these options when selecting codecs to encode such video.

    Planar YUV formats offer more convenient memory structures for video coding. Luma plane Y is stored first followed by U and V planes to represent every pixel pair as one line rather than two arrays; this reduces redundant data that must be reread when changing pixel values.

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