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    TIFF file formats often receive negative attention. They're often blamed when an image does not import or display properly, when in reality this could be down to applications not understanding how to handle TIFF properly. Though TIFF offers immense power and flexibility it may also be complex and hard to grasp for many.

    TIFF files typically include an Image File Directory (IFD), which acts similar to a header by outlining all of the bitmapped data that follows it. The first two bytes of an IFD specify whether data should be written using little-endian or big-endian format and all subsequent bytes must adhere to this instruction.

    There are also other tags in the TIFF specification which may appear in files, although most TIFF applications don't need to support all of them. For instance, while StripOffsets is required in all files, many applications only use it to store strip data for black-and-white images - in such cases a TIFF application should politely refuse reading non-black-and-white IFDs and inform its users accordingly. Furthermore, TIFF 6.0 specifications adds support for shorter values for StripOffsets arrays to allow older readers who expect LONG values correctly interpret data correctly.

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