SR2 Converter

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SR2 file type is a RAW image format used by Sony digital cameras. SR2 files contain a lot of information in the form of meta data, including information about the camera settings used to take a picture. All of this additional information can be used by image processing software for manipulation and enhancements that are not possible on a standard image format, such as JPEG. Because of the additional information contained in an SR2 file, not every image processing software package can read and use these files. In fact, Sony's ARW format, which is a different type of RAW image format, is more popular and can be viewed and manipulated using more software packages. When it comes to viewing and working with the image contained in an SR2 file, most users do not need all of the additional information. Therefore, converting the image from SR2 to JPG or PNG format can enable image manipulation with a variety of software packages.