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SFW stands for Seattle FilmWorks, a company once known for its mail-order sales and processing of 35mm motion picture film. The SFW format was created as a proprietary format for digitized images taken from these films and one of several unique file types used by the company to ensure that only they could develop or otherwise process images captured using their products. (SFW-XL was the format used for motion picture film; PWP was used for image files to be downloaded from the internet.). The company is long-defunct, but SFW files can still be opened and converted by several current types of photo and image editing products, including: MGI PhotoSuite, IrfanView, Graphics Converter Pro, SFW2JPG, XnView MP and American Greetings SFW & PWP File Converter.

As you sort through old photographs or floppy disks, you may come across files with an obscure extension such as ".sfw." These relics from years gone by are image files but unlike more common formats such as JPEG or GIF they aren't designed to open by modern software programs - however there are ways you can still open and convert these files to something more suitable so you can enjoy memories or use them in future projects.

Seattle FilmWorks (later changed to PhotoWorks) created SFW as an in-house raster image format, initially as part of their service offering of scanning customer photographs onto film for viewing via digital floppy disc. They eventually expanded this service into their own proprietary digital format that could not be opened by other programs - this format being SFW.

Lemkesoft GraphicConverter supports the sfw file format on Linux, Mac OS X and Windows; however it is unlikely you'll ever come across it today, since most software designed to open this type of file has since been discontinued by their developer.

Ultra File Opener was specifically created to work with SFW image file format and can instantly display them for you. Ultra's advanced decoding technology preserves as much image data as possible for an enhanced viewing experience with your SFW files. Furthermore, you can zoom in or out, fit to screen size or see photos at their actual sizes - perfect!


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