RW2 Converter

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There is a special type of file format that is unique to Panasonic Lumix cameras at this time known as RW2. This is a file type that is protected by the company for its unique factors and ability to help make their cameras into the piece of hardware that they are today. There is something amazing about the RW2 files that go into Panasonic Lumix cameras, and it is not easy to figure out exactly what is so special about those files because they are protected by the company that has created their own special files. Many people would like to know what is behind the RW2 files, but a lot of that information is protected at this time. What we do know is the fact that these files are a major part of what makes them cameras produce the incredible photos that they put out. Given all of this, it makes sense that one should respect the RW2 files that they can get their hands on.